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Gorgeous piece of kit, larger than expected but very slim, with a soft touch matte feel. Yet to see how many charges I can get from it but will update! Great quality, and comes with USB cable.

Jenny S

Such a good piece of tool! its so slim and i can barely feel it when its in my pocket. this is a must have power bank!

Maxie T

I cant believe i didnt buy this sooner. I bought one before from somewhere & this is so much better and charges the phone 6-7 times before it dies

Jack D

This is so worth the price!! I was a bit skeptical at first due to the price being so cheap. when i got it it felt amazing and super slim and charges phone multiple times and super quick!!

Ruhul A


Super cheap and does the job its suppose to! i cant believe i didn't buy this sooner! super great quality.

Jubz B


6 Battery LIVES!!!!! im still shocked that its so cheap and does more than i thought. I would defo recommend this powerbank!

Charlie T

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